Before contacting me, please go over the following queries so we can have a smooth and fast discussion when we meet.

1 Who, specifically is your target audience?

2 What is your preferred method of communication? ( eg skype, email etc)

3 Will I get a link back to my writer website for the content I create for you?

4 Am I allowed to use the piece in my portfolio?

5 Does the contract require a non-disclosure agreement?

6 Are you willing to pay for the contract through Payoneer, because it’s the most convenient means for me to receive payment?

7 When will this project get started?

8 What’s the submission deadline?

Remember these are just basic inquiries. You may¬† want us to discuss a few more things before i get started on your project. No worries.¬†Contact me and we’ll polish up the rest.

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